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About Us

Amidst the unfortunate circumstances and effects that corona virus has had on our society and life, be it from school closures, quarantine and social distancing from friends, families were spending more and more time confined in the company of each other. But although we were a few steps apart from our family members in the house, it was like we were worlds apart. We saw children getting more attached to TV, laptop and smartphones’ screens to pass the time, leading parents to miss out on what their kids are up to. We knew we had to come up with something to pull children away from the solidarity of these electronics and get them closer with their parents and siblings.

That’s how the idea of Our Home Game was born. The game was created to encourage families to make room for quality time with their children, to get to know them better and create an educational experience for them in a fun and exciting atmosphere. This game fits in every home, not only will everyone have an awesome time, but the time spent playing this game will also double down as an opportunity for kids to build stronger ties with their parents and siblings, as well as building their skills and learning abilities through riddles, activities and much more. Our Home Game is truly an eye-opening experience, it is a conversation starter and is proof that with the right tools, parents will establish a stronger bond their children. Gone are the days where you have to call on your kids' ten times to come join you, with Our Home Game, they will be calling you!

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to entertain your kids at home?

Our Home Game will encourage your family to spend more time together and less time on their phones and tv screens, as they play and learn new information about all sorts of things including new things about each other

Customer Feedback

We had tremendous feedback from families who tried out our game and discovered new things about themselves and each other. One mother was surprised to learn that her son was not a big fan of a certain type of vegetable that she always used to include in his lunch box, she learned that through one of the questions of the game that asked to name the benefits of this super food. Another parent was also quick to learn from her kids that she had certain words she unknowingly repeats when she is angry. The game also left a positive effect on fathers, as one dad was so intrigued by the game when he watched his wife and children playing it, that he left his cell phone and favorite TV show to join in the fun! This kind of feedback goes to show that Our Home Game serves as a great opportunity for family members, be it children or adults, to bond together through fun, knowledge and activities.