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How to Play

In the process of creating this game, one of our main goals was to make sure that we come up with something that gets the family together willingly and peaks their interest in knowledge and the desire to get to know more about each other.

The idea is crystallized in a group of diverse home family games, that consist of 10 games in which many characteristics were taken into account that directly contributes to solving problems, learning new information and getting active. The games cover four main elements:

Family: questions that relate to the participating family members

Health & Activities: questions that motivate family members to lead a healthy lifestyle

Riddles and General Information: questions to enrich the family members’ knowledge and learning capabilities

Skills: 10 skilful games

Here’s how to play!

You will need

No Cell Phone

A Leader

Your Family

General Information

Health and Fitness



  • Each player will choose a rock then place it on the board.
  • Every level in the game has a number on the board, and each number has its own colour. The players will choose a card with the same colour as the number they placed their rock on.
  • When a player gets the answer for the questions on the card right, they will go on to the next level on the board.
  • Upon arriving to the games section, the family will split into two teams and the leader will serve as a judge between them to determine what each player will do depending on what the challenge on the card is.